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Congrats to Coach Arthur on his victory at Glory 52!

Congrats to Coach Arthur on his Glory debut!

Congrats to Laura Anderson on another victory!

Congrats to Sebastian Garcia for medaling at the Kids Pan Ams!

Congrats to Levi for his performance at Dream and his promotion to grey belt solid!

Today Levi placed third at @dreambjj after 4 tough rounds! Levi has also shown improvement in his behavior in class and at home so coach David felt like it was

Congrats to Brandon for getting second place at Dream BJJ tournamet!

Congrats to Ricky and Sebastian on their victories at the Dream BJJ tournament!

Giga is the new White belt Five Grappling Champ!

Congrats to Coach David on his Bronze at the 5 Grappling Open!

Congrats to Ashur Darmo the new UAEJJF Mexico City National Pro Jiu-Jitsu Champion!

Congrats to Matteo Jarmillo the new Jiu-Jitsu World League Orange County Champion!